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chapter 4
Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 4:15 PM

school. ahh, school. a place where little kids attend to get education for their future. Little do their parents know that their sons are PERVERTED. Yes, you read it right. Seriously, budak-budak high school blue gile dowhh. So, if you're Form 3, you'd know what CHAPTER 4 is. For those yang tak tau, it's the chapter where you learn about the.. eerr... reproductive system. yeahh.

And you know what that means right? If you don't, let me tell you. In Chapter 4, you'll be learning about Male Reproductive System, Female Reproductive System and Asexual Reproduction. Biase ahh, budak2 lelaki high school, semue dah terencat akal, bile the teacher cakap je 'Okay, now on to chapter 4', semue budak lelaki menjerit and jumping here and there macam takde otak. What is up with you guys? It's SCIENCE. Semue human ade lah bongok! ish, org nak study pon pening kepale dgr org sume ckp 'Cikgu, takde demo ke?', 'Cikgu, saya tak faham, tolong demonstrate kan'. And the one thing that made ALL our jaws dropped was when one of the girls, yes, a girl student said, 'Alah, korang ni bising je, nanti dah besar korang jugak buat kan? jangan lupe pakai condom tau. nanti aku pregnant aku blame korang' Serious DISGUSTING GILE BABI KOT! KO NI JANTAN KE BETINA?

Perverts. This is going to be in PMR! Takkan lah nanti, time tgh amik exam, nampak je gambar the reproductive system, dah steam dah. ISH! GROW UP WILL YOU! UNLIKE YOU, PEOPLE LIKE ME ACTUALLY WANT TO STUDY. UGH.

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