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Thursday, March 26, 2009, 5:48 PM

Gosh, I'm so bored. You know what, I actually have nothing to blog about. Sooo, I'm just gonna put up a speech that I wrote for English =.= Lemme know what you think okay? :D

Stress Among Students

       Good morning to the headmistress of this school, Datin Suwarni Binti Hassan, beloved teachers, fellow students and all. I’m here on behalf of the Peer Counseling Club here in SMK Putrajaya Precint 8 (1) to give you all a brief talk on “Stress among Students”.

       What causes stress? In some cases, it is caused by fights, examinations and the impression of being isolated. Sometimes, students get stressed out because of examinations. It makes them feel nervous and uneasy and that is usually what makes them feel stressed out. For others, stress is mostly triggered by family problems. A certain amount of students go through family problems which, in the long run, could actually cause depression. If they go into depression, they usually do stupid things because they can’t think properly. There was this case where a Form 5 student jumped off a 10-storey building because she didn’t do well on her SPM. This doesn't have to happen to you! You don't have to feel so depressed that you'll start doing things that you normally wouldn't do.

       There are numerous ways to cope with stress. For instance, try to have regular family outings. Spending some quality time with you loved ones can make them feel happy and cared for. Furthermore, if you like games, keep yourself busy with them. Also, make an effort to prepare early for your examinations. If you don’t prepare early, you will struggle in your exams. Another way to cope is to talk to your counselor about all your problems. If you feel like you can talk about it, you will feel emancipated because you are not held back by your problems. You will feel more open and free.

       I guess that’s the time I have left. One more thing, if any of you have a problem, please feel free to come by and meet us down at the Peer Counseling Club. We will welcome you all with open arms. Until next time, I bid you all farewell. Thank you.

Peace Out! <33 Syaza

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