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i'm bored.
Sunday, August 30, 2009, 2:59 AM

Hello there fellow Bloggers! It's been a while since I've blogged panjang2 :P I'm so bored out of my mind right now!! It's 3:05am and I'm still not asleep. Heck, my twin sister is still on her computer playing The Sims 3. Loser -__-"

Anywhoo, I've been reading some of my friends' blog, and I see that they do those 100 facts about me thingyy. I think I've done it before, but what the hell, it won't hurt to do another :]

1. I am married to the internet

2. I Heart Music <3

3. Sleeping and eating are one of my many talents

4. I like to write emo poems and songs

5. I'm sarcastic and inhumane at times. no wait, everytime

6. I like to think that my room is a stage and I'm headlining the show

7. I once headbanged in my room and fell on my bass -___-

8. I used to have a touch screen phone which you cannot touch BWAHAHAHA

9. I have an EVIL twin

10. I'm a self-proclaimed millionaire

11. I secretly despise people who wear all these band shirts, but don't actually listen to them

12. I'm freakishly obsessed with sour power

13. I'm also freakishly obsessed with converse. i don't know why

14. I hate people who worship UK bands and models and people etc etc

15. I think Zac Efron and The Jo'Bros are gay. Oh and David Archuleta too

16. My feet are HUGE. You may call me Bigfoot

17. I listen to Ashley Tisdale xD

18. I love The Used

19. I still think Adam Lambert should've won American Idol

20. School is a drag

21. I hate hypocrites

22. I don't drink Pepsi that much

23. I make the best cupcakes and cookies AHHAHAHAHA

24. I love googling pictures of Cupcakes

25. I think my sister eats WAYY too much Mcd

26. I love shopping when I have lots of money

27. Myspace is overrated

29. I hate annoying guys; rempits, indie wannabes, moshers, shufflers, and the newest addition, TECHTONICS!

30. My bass is made in China =.=

31. Like my sister, I have a lesbian crush on Mary Elizabeth Winstead

32. I want Jessica Stam's face

33. My hair resembles Captain Spock's hair

34. My BM teacher looks like a bulldog. No, seriously!

35. I don't understand how my sisters can like Zac Efron

36. I have perverted sisters

37. Loves maths :D

38. I am not afraid to watch THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE

39. I hate posers

40. I hate all the M's & Z's in the world

41. Is 'Mambang'. Or in other words, MENGGELABAH

42. I have millions of cats

43. I named my phone Perry

44. I love english

45. I'm an active member of the English Language Society :D

46. I like collecting pictures

47. Takes very good care of my laptop. I can't say the same for my phone. AHAHAHAHA

48. I have a crush on a guy who has a girlfriend.

49. I sleep with a stuffed animal named MOTOMOTO. BWAHAHAHAHA

50. Nobody knows who I like, and will never will

51. I got straight A's for UPSR

52. I do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING but the things that stuck to me was music, photography and culinary arts

53. Is planning on getting a scholarship to Taylor's University College

54. Wants a Volkswagen Golf GTI

55. Has a Kitchen Aid Mixer. FINALLY!

56. I love cupcakes. They're my guilty pleasure

57. I have awesome friends! Cammy, Timah, Syaza, Myra, Tieha, Bat, Abby and the others! I Love You Guys!

58. Is hoping to get straight A's for PMR so that I can ask from my dad a 55-250mm lens. Or a Leica camera. MUAHAHHAHA >:D

59. Hates those people who calls themselves photographers when all they do is take pictures of their friends in front of Pavilion

60. Wants to be rich

61. Has a band. Two bands actually

62. Can play the piano, guitar, bass, keyboard, and violin

63. Loves Italiannies

64. Just like any other girl, I love shopping! BAHAHAHAHA >:D

65. Has a Flickr

66. I also have a Twitter

67. Is not a robot. Just because I don't have a boyfriend/never had a boyfriend, it doesn't make me a robot

68. Hates people who are pessimistic

69. Can make you laugh, but if you make me angry, trust me, you'll regret it

70. Hates the fact that whenever there's a function at school, everybody would show up the next day with a DSLR

71. I want to go to BOYS LIKE GIRLS' concert in October!

72. I HATE NOLAN GERARD FUNK. To the people who don't know him, go watch Spectacular!

73. I have awesome parents <3

74. I believe I have everything I could possibly want right now

75. Hates braces

76. Loves to do Myspace Surveys. Not just when I'm bored, it's kinda like a routine for me

77. Met The Cheetah Girls *don't laugh*

78. I love buying colourful and funky socks

79. Used to have a website. Man, Photoshop was like my best friend back then

80. I love making graphics and layouts. CSS and HTML is nothing to me

81. I hate trends. I feel like the world is better off without it

82. Believe the world's NOT gonna end in 2012

83. I'm not normal. I'm different. To me, different is wayy better than being normal

84. I look retarded

85. I am now called Brace Face due to my braces

86. I would love to go to UK, Italy, Paris, US and Australia

87. I don't have an iPod


89. I haven't pierced my ears

90. I write everything in my laptop Calendar

91. Hates people who are being a hypocrite but they still deny it. Just admit it, will ya?

92. I hate it when people say That's mean instead of That means

93. The only thing I eat at Sushi King is Chuka Idako, Deep Fried Scallop and that thing that Cammy always buy, you know, the one with the mayo

94. Somebody once thought that I was related to Dr. Fadzilah Kamsar *I don't know how to spell it*

95. I eat alot, and I mean ALOT

96. I'm not fat. I'm average sized. You guys just think I'm fat because people nowadays are getting smaller by the minute. It's not cool looking like a walking stick, you know

97. Yes I'm ugly, I know, no need to point out the obvious

98. I hate people who upload pictures of themselves in Myspace/Facebook, and says 'I Look ugly' or when people comment your pictures saying it looks nice, you say 'Mane ade, Buruk je'. Dude, if it's ugly, why'd you upload it in the first place?

99. I don't wear makeup. It makes me feel fake

100. Ohh, I have something to tell number 26:

Loser ;]

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