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Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 10:47 PM

Ohh lookie! Syaza's blogging! After so long, I'm finally moving my fat fingers to write this post. You guys can all thank my friend, Kamilia Tamadu, who made me write a new post for my blog. Apparently, she wants something to read, other than books. Well, here you are! :P

As you may know, last week was SMK Putrajaya Precint 8 (1)'s PMR Trial. Sumpah, everybody, well, the form 3's were running around like madmen! I mean, we thought it was sekolah punye, turns out it was the Kementerian Pelajaran punye! The results are gonna go to Kementerian! Memang lah cuak! So, as usual, I studied last minute. I really should stop studying last minute! I've been looking like a panda lately, and I think it's because I've been sleeping late these past couple of days. Ohh well...

ON SATURDAYY, IT'S THE ONE, THE ONLY, THE FIRST MTV WORLDSTAGE LIVE IN MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was like the event of a lifetime! I mean, look at the bands that played there:

1) Boys Like Girls
2) All-American Rejects
3) Hoobastank
4) Raygun
5) Pixie Lott
6) Kasabian

So, the surprising thing is that we got 12 free tickets from MTV! My sister entered this contest where you can win tickets and she entered using 3 names, and guess what? She won all three! HAHA we brought along Cammy, Abby, Ezza Monchy, Ezza Rawkaferry, Rashdan, Zaki, Mira and Izzy but Rushdan and Zaki couldn't make it that night. Actually they were there already, but my sister didn't get their text message. Kesian dorang. Penat2 datang Sunway, tiba2 tak dapat ticket. Kesian gile kot.

Anyway, the night was AWE to the SOME! Sumpah, one of the best concerts I've been to fo'sho. Anddddd, not to mention, BLG announced on stage that they'll be 'seeing' us again in October! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH I can't believe they're coming here again in October! I'm soooooooooo goinggggggggg!!!

The next day, I was coughing and sneezing, I felt nauseated, I had a fever, not to mention fatigue. I only had one thing in mind: H1N1. Dah lah news broke that somebody ran away from H1N1 quarantine just to go to the concert! Dah rase cam nak pengsan pon ade gak! I mean, I was scared that I could have gotten H1N1! InsyaAllah I tak dapat =/

Today is Tuesday, and I haven't gone to school since yesterday. Tomorrow I have to take my Pendidikan Islam exam because I didn't come on Friday last week. Haihh. Ohh, I actually want to tell you guys something about my school. Uhh, should I? Balqis told us to NOT, I repeat, NOT tell anybody about the school. But I think people should know about it. Uhh, SHIT. I'm torn. I guess you should just read Kamilia's blog. I'm too damn lazy to write about it here :]


You know about my business, right? Miss Mosh Designs? Well, I've been REALLY REALLY busy with school and life that I totally forgot about it! Okay, next week cuti. I'm totally gonna take ONE day off just for Miss Mosh. I think it's been abandoned for wayyy too long now. MISS MOSH HERE I COME! Ohh, and I'm thinking about starting a Cupcake business online called Cupcake Monster. InsyaAllah by next week, you'll see it up in the net! I'm making a blog for it, and you can order and buy cupcakes from me. WISH ME LUCK!

Ohh yeah, I have Twitter! Follow me! 

Loser ;]

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