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Sunday, October 4, 2009, 2:42 AM

Photo by Syaza ;]

Just now, it was Syazman's Open House. We were planning to gather up to Timah's house. And by 'WE', I mean Syaza, Kamilia and myself :> While we were there, we took some pictures, Syaza and Cammy made a video, and we made an account on The Sims 3 of ALL of us! Yeah, we're roommates! Well, in The Sims 3 anyway. Lepas tu, Cammy and Timah wanted to blow-dry their hair so we went to the only place in Putrajaya with civilization: ALAMANDA. We went to Hairven and they had to leave their phone numbers cause it was full at that time. Walked around a little bit and stopped at Baskin Robbins and McDonald's.

As Cammy and Timah were getting their hair done, I didn't have anything to do so I went to play the piano at Yamaha. After that, I walked around and bought Starbucks. On the way back to Hairven, guess who I saw! Come on, guess! Oh nevermind, I'll tell ya. It's NENEK! xDDDDDDDDD She was wearing a denim jacket, I think. I couldn't get a good look at her cause I didn't want her to see me. Oh I also saw Ezza Monchy. Aku panggil kau tk dengar kan, Ezza? Haha :P Afterwards, we walked outside of Alamanda to wait for Syazman to pick us up. I thought he was going to be driving his Honda Civic, turned out he bought a new car. A Volvo. Nak beli kereta baru, padahal that car baru je kan? Haha Syazman, Syazman. This guy is Oh-So-Modest. Too modest.

At the open house, I saw a lot of people, old people waiting in front of the house. They were his parent's friends/cousins/aunts/uncles etc etc. He invited almost EVERYBODY to his house, but I only recognized some of them. The sate was good. Haha but I was kinda ironic that we ate sate when we ALL have braces on. It was almost impossible to eat, I tell ya! But we worked through it :P It was awkward at first cause there were a lot of grown-ups and old people, but later that evening, more people started to show up, so that was a slight relief. At night, the others wanted to check out the house. Upstairs actually. So we went up and watched teevee. Spongebob Squarepants y'all! xD Watch watch watch, laugh laugh laugh, then we went downstairs to eat some more. The kari was a bit 'pedas' but deeee-lish *drools*

After the open house, Syazman sent Cammy home. We followed her home cause we didn't wanna be left alone at the Open House. While at Cammy's open house, we took pictures. Of course we took pictures! Everytime we're at Cammy's house we take pictures :> Well, the picture above is a preview of what we did at her house. And then Nadiah picked us up from Cammy's house and we went home and here I am right now, writing this blog post. Ciao =)

Loser ;]

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