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Friday, October 16, 2009, 10:09 PM

There's nothing else more entertaining than wreaking havoc with Frantic Friday! Serious, these dudes really know how to have fun. Yesterday was Frantic Friday's jamming session at Akarkarya. Finally! After 3 long months of not touching a bass ever, it finally feels good to twang on the bass and just have fun, you know what I'm saying? No? Oh well...

Tieha booked Studio 2 at 3:00PM till 4:00PM so that only gives us ONE hour to jam. It's quite a small amount of time, but we made it work :) Jammed to Use Somebody, Waking Up In Vegas, Crushcrushcrush, La La, and even Party In The USA xD Okay, the last song was mainly me, but they sang along too! LOL Some of their friends were there too. It was kinda awkward playing around people you don't know but it was cool. After jamming, we went to IKEA to eat some meatballs. I swear to god, the meatballs have never tasted that good in my life. I don't know why on that particular day, the meatballs were to die for. Hehe, then, of course, we went to Bentley. What else do we do, right? Haha ;P

Hung out with Andrew and played around with the instruments there and Andrew even let us in the "Expensive Guitar" section. Man, the guitars there are reaaaally pricey. RM24,500! Gah, and that one has a picture of The Silver Surfer on it. Moving on, after playing with the expensive guitar (HAHA), we shoot off to Borders cause Syaza just got this brilliant idea of us taking pictures with Guitar for dummies, Bass for dummies, Drums for dummies and so on. According to our instruments, that is. Oyi doesn't even know where Borders is. HAHA Babun ohh babun. Took pictures there, blah blah blah then to McD we went. Unfortunately we had to part ways there. I really missed them. Seriously, we haven't seen each other in like, 3 months? Lama tuu haha. But don't worry, we'll be hanging out again cause we have to practice for shows and stuff. Can't wait! <333

Yes yes, that is me, vandalizing public property. Hey, what can I say? We really are Frantic ;)

Loser ;]

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