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good cop bad cop
Sunday, November 22, 2009, 4:15 AM

Good news: My dad's coming home tomorrow.
Bad news: My sister told me someone tried to get into our house
Good news: I bought lots of new clothes online.
Bad news: They're arriving in a month.
Good news: My dad's maybe gonna buy me a new lens.
Bad news: My camera needs to be sent to a Camera Hospital.
Good news: Radiodish went recording yesterday.
Bad news: My voice sucks. Big time.
Good news: We're performing at Hard Rock KL in December.
Bad news: Nadiah is trying to make up reasons for us to not perform.
Good news: I already got tickets to watch New Moon next week.
Bad news: Cammy said it sucked.
Good news: School's over.
Bad news: PMR results is getting closer and closer.
Good news: I'm going to Singapore next month.
Bad news: My brother is going to UK next month.
Good news: Rock The World 9!
Bad news: The PMR results are a day after.
Good news: My birthday is on the day after the PMR results.
Bad news: He doesn't have feelings for me.

Loser ;]

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