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Saturday, December 12, 2009, 2:58 AM

Photo by Me =)

It is 3:40AM right now and I am at Lia's house. It's pretty boring you know, just me, awake. They're all asleep already and I am currently 'fighting' on this group on Facebook. It is hella fun :P Anyway, later I'm gonna go jogging with Lia and my sister. Her house is lakeside, so there's a jogging track. We're gonna go jog at 6 cause it'll be breezy and dark =D I don't know what to do right now. I wanted to watch a movie on MotionEmpire.com but it's taking too long to load -__- Nobody's online, so I can't chat with anybody. It's so boring! Since I'm bored and all, I'm gonna write 50 THINGS YOU PROBABLY ALREADY KNOW ABOUT ME BUT I'M GONNA WRITE ABOUT IT ANYWAY :D

1) I do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING but the things that stuck to me was music, culinary arts and photography =)

2) I sometimes get this feeling that everybody around me hates me.

3) Can play the guitar, piano, bass, keyboards and a little bit of violin.

4) Is half nocturnal now, I think.

5) Has a 50/50 chance of getting insomnia.

6) Likes to write blogs because to me, it's kinda like my refuge.

7) Doesn't like it when people speak broken english.

8) I write songs and poems but I don't like to publish them that much.

9) Has already planned out the future 8)

10) I hate trends. I feel like the world's better off without it.

11) Loves listening to Coldplay and Mayday Parade at night.

12) I want to do many things but I haven't had the chance to.

13) I've always wanted somebody to serenade me =/

14) My favourite flowers are sunflowers and roses.

15) If a guy gives me a rose, I'll secretly melt inside.

16) Have never been on a date.

17) Speaking of dates, I've never been in a relationship either.

18) TV shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl does not attract my attention.

19) Diamonds are NOT a girl's best friend.

20) I have a Kitchen Aid mixer, despite the fact that I am 15 years old.

21) I used to have a major crush on ............ but I got over it due to personal reasons.

22) Once a year, I usually end up in the hospital due to food poisoning.

23) Digital Photography Magazine is the best magazine ever created.

24) Photoshop is my best friend.

25) It takes guts to show the world that you're ugly, but in my case, I don't even have to try.

26) If you didn't understand the previous post, it means I'm ugly.

27) Nobody likes me because I am ugly, dark, fat anddddd ugly.

28) I like designing graphics and layouts. CSS and HTML is nothing to me.

29) I despise stereotypical fake spastic people who talk like those people in THE HILLS.

30) If you're fat, don't wear tight clothes, PLEASE.

31) Those people who hang out in front of Pavilion can kiss my ass.

32) Personally, I like people who are not afraid to look stupid.

33) I love my phone, despite the fact that some people said my phone it boring. SCREW YOU.

34) I used to watch Meteor Garden and Romantica Obsessione` xD

35) I've never missed an episode of Grey's Anatomy or The Vampire Diaries.

36) FRIENDS is my all-time favourite TV Show (Y)

37) I don't wear make up. It makes me feel fake.

38) My mom's spaghetti is the best!

39) I love making cupcakes. Someday, I shall open my own cupcake store :D

40) Hates those people who call themselves photographers yet all they do is take photos of their friends in front of Pavilion.

41) Both my ears are not pierced.

42) I pull all-nighters ALL THE TIME.

43) I will be super sweet 16 next year HAHA

44) I wear mostly black, grey or dark colours.

45) My camera's name is CANNONBALL.

46) I named my phone Perry.

47) I am very sarcastic and inhumane at times.

48) I secretly despise those people who wear band tees but don't even listen to them.

49) I am in love with Scott Michael Foster *melts*



Loser ;]

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