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it's a long drive back to vegas skies
Friday, December 18, 2009, 2:50 AM

This is officially my 200th post :D I've seen some other people deleting their previous posts and all, but I ain't gonna do that. Why, you ask? Because I like to read them back. It's fun to see what happened back then that was worth blogging. Plus, I like reminiscing =)

Today, I went jamming with Frantic Friday. It was hella fun! Oh yeah, in the other studio was The Great Metropolitan Expressway! For those who don't know, it's Izzy, Syahir and Faridz's new band. They were preparing for their show later that night at Laundry Bar. Moving on, after jamming, where else would we go? Of course, IKEA ;) Got our meatballs and went back to the car to go to Rasta. Butttt, what we didn't know is that Zick's friends are following us to Rasta too. There were 7 of us, so yeah, we kinda got squashed in the car. But it was fun, though. When we got there, met some of Zick's other friends and we went off to our own table. Bat wanted to try to shisha but we all didn't want to, so she had to delay it :P Sorry dude! Anyway, watched football there, got drinks and just chatted away.

At 8:30PM, we decided to go back, but this time, Zick's other 2 friends are following us too. So, there were NINE of us in ONE car, so we were squashed again -_- Thank God the trip back to The Curve was short, so we didn't suffer that much :P They dropped us off at the entrance and we met up with my parents. My sister wanted to try out these new drum pedals at Bentley, so I had to follow her. After that, ate at Little Penang. Suddenly, Droo came to our table, cause he was asking us if we're gonna be watching TGME at Laundry later. After dinner, my parents wanted to watch the show too, so we did. I'm too lazy to blog in details, so this is all. For now =)

Loser ;]

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