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just keep swimming, swimming, swimmming
Sunday, December 6, 2009, 11:48 PM

Yesterday, I went jamming with Frantic Friday! Zick tagged along too. I booked the studio at 11AM so I woke up early to get ready and all that. Got ready at 1oAM but my mom was so slow, I think she took around half an hour just to get ready -__- So technically, we made a move at 10.30AM but unfortunately, my dad took his own sweet time to go pam tayar and all that shit =.= I swear, they're the slowest people when it comes to these kinds of situations.

Got there half an hour late. Jammed to I Love Rock And Roll, Good Girls Go Bad, That's What You Get (Barely haha xD), Crushcrushcrush, Use Somebody, The Climb (Hell yeah!), Ho Ho Hopefully and some others I forgot. After jamming, we went straight to IKEA in the hopes of getting some meatballs to fill our stomach. Unfortunately for us, it was FULL. Of course it's full, it's lunch on a Saturday afternoon -_- We should've known better. Plan B, went to McDonald's. After that, we went to Bentley to check out the show there, Deja Voodoo Spells was performing. Got there at 2.45PM I think, and wandered around the store, played this and that, blah blah blah, met Liya and her friends there too. The show was supposed to start at 3 but it hasn't started yet. We were lazy to wait, so we left Bentley. Just as we were walking across to The Curve, Andrew messaged us saying 'Oi, where are you guys? The show is starting'! But we were lazy to go back so we went around to the street mall and to Cineleisure to check out the bags there.

After that, we decided to call it a day there at The Curve and walked back to the car. Oh btw, I saw Aishah there. She was with her little sister. That was random, but whatever. Went to Rasta short after that and met up with Wan and Nana. They were selling stuff there. Just when we got to their stall, I saw this pretty brown bag. I asked how much it was, and guess what, it was selling for RM10! I was shocked as hell that a bag could cost so little! But I didn't buy it, which was stupid of me, cause it was freaking 10 bucks! I wanted to go again the next day, but my dad didn't want to drop me off there cause he has work, blah blah blah. Tieha bought a tshirt for Oyi, he's in Kelantan right now, we even pranked call him! I'll get to that later..

Afterwards, Zick wanted to send his friend's guitar back to him, so we went to Gombak. Yes, Gombak. We kinda got lost getting there, since his friend's house is somewhere I don't even know. It's wayyy deep. Eventually, we got to his friend's house, gave the guitar and was on our way back home. It took us about an hour just to get back to Damansara cause there was a massive traffic jam going back there. In the car, we pranked call people. First it was Oyi. Here's how it went:

Oyi: Hello? *sleepy voice*
Syaza/Caller: Hello, adakah ini Encik Fakhri Baharuddin?
Oyi: Huh?
Syaza/Caller: Saya call dari pihak SeGi College tentang scholarship untuk Interior Design di America (Yeah, he's taking an interior designer course xD)
Oyi: Sape ni?

Okay, we ended up laughing the whole way. It was funny to find out that Oyi is an Interior Designer to-be LOL Next, we wanted to prank call Guarding Helleya, telling them they have a show in London, sponsored by AirAsia. But the catch is they have to wear all red and some other stuff I can't tell you guys. SUMPAH KELAKAR GILE BABI! But we didn't get to call cause they have all our phone numbers -_-

Finally, we got to Tieha's house! She just moved there 2 weeks ago, I think. We got there and just hung out in the living room. Then we decided to go swimming at night. The water was freezing cold! But it was hella fun. We did all sorts of stuff, and we even got 'shush' by the guard. We finished swimming at 10 o'clock and had dinner. After dinner, we played Hotel 626. I swear to God, the baby scene was creppy as hell, we ended up skipping everything and didn't play it. HAHA me and Bat were just closing our eyes while my sister played. Took some photos, played the guitar, watched teevee, and some other stuff. We slept at 3, or is it 4AM. Woke up at 12 and went swimming again. It was fun, cause we were the only ones at the swimming pool. F-U-N! Me and Bat experimented with our cameras. We took photos of splashing water and I ended up jumping in the swimming pool. Bat couldn't come in cause she had her period. Too bad though. 15 minutes later, my dad showed up and we went to IKEA for lunch, since the day before, we didn't get a chance to eat meatballs as the IKEA foodcourt was full. I had a blast with Tieha and Bat. We're definitely gonna do it again. Right, Tieha? Next stop, BAT'S HOUSE!

PS: I have photos, but I haven't resized them, so I'll just post up the photos later.

Loser ;]

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