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Spazz McCullen
Friday, December 4, 2009, 4:57 AM

It is now 6:28AM on Friday, December 4th. So, technically, I went out yesterday. Anywhoo, yesterday, I went to hang out with HX and Ratri at The Curve. Ratri hasn't watched New Moon yet so we're just kinda accompanying her, except for HX, of course. She just wants to find a reason to watch that movie again xD So, we went out of the house at around 1 I think, and rushed to The Curve cause HX and Ratri were already waiting for us and we didn't wanna be the late one again. When we got there, they were waiting for us at the McDonald's at e@The Curve / Cineleisure. We talked and talked and talked, blah blah blah, and as usual, HX and Syaza talked about supposedly hot guys while me and Ratri just sit there and wonder why we were even there in the first place HAHA :P

After about 15 minutes, we decided to spend the remaining 2 and a half hours to goof around the mall cause the movie was gonna start in 2 and a half hours. Walked back to The Curve and then we waited in the center of the mall for Wan to come and give Syaza her tie-dye shirt and our headbands. She's so nice! I still can't get over the fact that she's a really sweet girl and I don't know why, she's always happy! Haha moving on, after we got the stuff, I got really hungry cause I haven't eaten breakfast nor lunch yet, so we walked across the street to IKEA. Was pretty excited to eat the meatballs, until when we got there, the food court was packed with people! Duhh, school holidays + lunch at IKEA -__-"

I was pretty disappointed cause for one, I was excited to eat the meatballs, and two, I was damn hungry! Didn't have any other place to eat, so we just walked to 7-Eleven and bought Slurpee's. Walked around The Curve some more and went to MPH cause we didn't have anything else better to do :P About to go in until I saw the NO FOOD/DRINKS sign, so we had to wait outside and finish our drinks. It took us pretty long to finish it, we ended up sitting outside of MPH instead of going in there. Finally, we finished our drinks and went inside of MPH. Of course, HX and Syaza went hot guy hunting in the magazine section while I went to check out if the new issue of Digital Photography Magazine was out yet. It wasn't -.-

After that, Syaza wanted to go to Sony to check out the videocams there, and they ended up playing with the webcam on one of the laptops there instead. I saw one of the workers looking at us like he was about to shoo us, so I quickly covered and ask them to go look at the other stuff. You know, like we were actually 'shopping' there. LOL while we were playing around with the display videocams, we saw this group of people around the computer section. THEY WERE CHECKING THEIR MYSPACE! All of them! Each on one computer. It was hilarious to see people who are that desperate to check their Myspace until they had to online using the Sony display computers. Talk about a LMAO moment xD

HX checked her watch, there's still around an hour to spare, so we went downstairs and just stood in the middle of the mall, admiring the Christmas decorations. We were goofing off right there in the center of the mall where everybody can see us. I bet we were loud too :P Oh well, HX checked her watched, and it's 4 o'clock! The movie starts at 4:20PM, so it's like perfect timing. Walked back to Cineleisure and we bought the popcorn and stuff, went inside the cinema. IT WAS EMPTY. I'm guessing we were the first ones there. And trust me, the movie hasn't even started yet and we were laughing our asses off in the middle of the cinema. Yes, we were actually sitting in the middle :P

This was my 2nd time watching New Moon, so I know what's gonna happen already, and me and HX would just laugh wayyy before everybody were because we already knew what's happening. Oh, and we said EW every time Jacob comes in the screen with long hair, and the girls in front of us were like 'OMG' every time Edward is on screen. So, I'm guessing they're Team Edward. I still hate the ending though. Bella could've said 'What?' instead of just letting go a sigh -__- After the movie, I was damn hungry so I begged them to follow me to IKEA and eat meatballs. Thank God this time, it wasn't full, so yes, I got my meatballs. YAY! We were eating and eating and talking about how we're gonna get home, who's picking us up, and HX really REAAAALLY wanted to see the so-called SNOW they were gonna show in front of Cineleisure. It was foam. Just ordinary, plain old white foam.

We really didn't know what else to do, so we decided to go to Borders and just sit down and 'read'. *pfft* Okay, we didn't really read, we were actually talking and wreaking havoc. You should've seen us, Ratri was making faces at the people who are passing by. I bet they're just thinking 'What the hell is wrong with this kid?!' HAHA Ratriiii, our little munchkin <3 

After messing around with the people walking by, we were planning HX's sweet sixteen birthday party. We wanted to go paintball but the plan kinda dropped. I don't know, we'll plan later, okay HX? Haha last photo of us in Borders yaww (Y)

We were planning to go the the second floor of Borders cause the kiddy section has this stage and little chairs and we wanted to take photos there, but we didn't have the chance to cause both our dad's are on their ways. We walked outside of Borders and we forgot that we wanted to take another decent group photo, so here it is:

Okay, maybe not the best group photo ever but hey, at least we have one, right? Haha then we went to McDonald's to wait for our dads who, by the way haven't even arrived close to The Curve, soooo, Ratri took our her Sharpie and we started doodling on our hands. It was a fun ending, we were like kids playing around with a marker haha :D

Overall, it was an awesome day. Unfortunately, Ratri is going to Jakarta next week so we can't hang out anymore this school holidays. Well, until next year! =)


Loser ;]

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