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sound of muzak
Saturday, June 19, 2010, 3:11 AM

Lately, I've seen all these hipsters and hardcore teenagers moshing and strutting their stuff at gigs. I really think they've lost the true essence of a gig/show and even music itself. Nowadays, people are so hung up on mainstream that they subconsciously stereotype themselves as a 'music lover' whereas they think that music is about what you wear, or how you have to behave at shows or even your attitude. Music is about expressing yourself or your emotions through a vessel, that is music. Music is about trying to show who you really are, and at the same time, act as a product of entertainment.

Unfortunately, people nowadays only think music is the song you can head bang to, or mosh to or a fashion statement. MUSIC IS NOT ONLY HARDCORE MUSIC, okay people? I say this because I personally have experienced this. One time, my band, Frantic Friday which is a pop/rock band, performed at a show where there are mostly bands which are 'hardcore' or 'punk' and I immediately feel outcasted. Those other bands weren't even playing music, they were trashing it. Now, I know there's a genre called trash-metal and so on, but even trash music have melody and rhythm. These songs that they are playing are mere noise, not music. To make it worse, people are actually moshing to their songs. And now I know why they love these noises so much - they can mosh to it.

I mean, you can't mosh like a beast to a pop/rock song now, can you? I feel devastated. The society now thinks that gigs and shows are just places for you to mosh and be hardcore. False information? I couldn't agree more. Gigs and shows are a stage for musicians to present their materials. For people to actually listen to the music and be into it. Not run around in front of the stage, messing up your hair. Please, people. I hope you realize the true meaning of music and actually listen to what we have to present, not dance around like a dog with rabies.

Oh and one more thing, please don't show up at gigs and shows wearing high heels and micro mini skirts. It's bad enough that music is being interpret as having only one genre, I don't want people to think that punk music lovers have to wear this, and pop music lovers have to wear that. Be yourself, and be universal. You can only truly emerge yourself into music if you allow yourself to accept all kinds of music. There's a fine line between enjoying music and exploiting it.

I have a show tomorrow at One Cafe, and most of the other bands that are performing there are 'hardcore' bands, so hopefully we won't be left out and true music lovers will actually listen to us play our music. Thank you, and goodnight =)

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