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Monday, July 5, 2010, 1:43 AM

Seriously. I’ve never been in a relationship and I have a feeling I won’t be in one for a while. I want to focus on my tertiary studies and possibly go to Law School, after I graduate from College. You don’t need to have a boyfriend to be grown up. You definitely don’t need a boyfriend to be happy. I went through and finished High School and was single all the way.

Sure, I’ve had those moments when I wished that I had a special someone to love and those kind of thoughts. Yes, I’ve gone through that empty feeling you get from that time to time, especially when I watch Asian romance dramas, but you get over it. Keeping yourself busy is always important for me. You have friends, school, family which is already a huge deal, so for me, I can’t imagine having time for a relationship at this moment. I just keep myself busy and trust me, I get through it.

Single life is lovely. I know some people beg to disagree but this is what I think. Yes, I do blush when I see a cute boy and have close guy friends, but I think that’s the limit.

Maybe in the future, when I finish my studies, I might bump into Mr. Right, who knows?

She literally took my own words out of my mouth :)

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