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Wednesday, August 1, 2012, 2:13 AM

She saw him first.

She witnessed his behavior from above. From every tilt of the head to every step he took, she watched him very closely. There was a rush of blood to her cheeks, pink as pink could be. The sound of her then steady heartbeat began to accelerate as though it was about to suddenly burst out of her chest. Her entire body was numb, but electrified. This was very alien to her. She has never felt this before, so why now? Why him? He's never had that same effect on her before, but now it's different. It's like the entire universe has been turned upside down and now the things that shouldn't be happening is in fact, happening. She tried to hide from him, quiet as a mouse in between the bookshelves of the fantasy section, but at the same time there's this strong unexplained desire to try and make contact. Her head is telling her no but the universe has spoken. They've been put in the same place at the same time for a reason.

Then, he walked out. She counted his every step and tried to make herself brave enough to walk up to him and say hello, but no. Her legs were immobile but her eyes followed him out the door. He disappeared, and there's probably no chance of her ever seeing him again. So, she gave up cover and walked to the other side of the bookstore where she felt as if somebody was looking at her. Her predictions were true as she briskly turned to her left and there he was, staring from a distance. He probably didn't realize that she caught him looking, but he was looking, alright.

She gave him a quick smirk and continued on with what she was doing before, knowing that her actions were being monitored by the one person she truly wanted to talk to.

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