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jeux d'enfants
Monday, November 7, 2011, 3:51 AM

"You know... there were lots of things I was game for that you never said."
"Eating ants, insulting the unemployed...... loving you like crazy."

The two gaze into each other's eyes while they stood in a six-feet deep construction pit that was about to be filled with concrete, hoping to finally share their dream together - their 'dream of an eternal love'. A smile appeared on her face as they shared their last kiss as living mortals, while fresh concrete slowly oozed around them, filling every open gap between and around them.

"Jeu, toujours et pour toujours."

Completely submerged in concrete, the two eagerly anticipate the perpetual future they have ahead of them. The 'dare' they have always long for but both too scared to admit to one another has finally came true.

A stupid game? Maybe so, but it was their game.

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