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I caught fire
Sunday, August 18, 2013, 1:05 AM

He's like that little tiny crack of light peeping through your curtains on a lazy Sunday morning, when all you wanna do is wrap yourself up in your blanket, from your jaw to your toes, as if you were a burrito and hide from the sunshine - despite your eyes only being shielded by your delicate eyelids - but you are more than aware that his very presence signifies your existence for yet another day in this mortal world.

The way he touches your body - irradiating your skin while he's at it - makes you exhale a soft moan as you stretch your body from an overnight slumber, trying to fix that kink on your neck. With your eyes barely open and mind half-conscious, you take a quick glance at your window, reassuring yourself that this is no dream. That this is very much reality.

Your reality.

As you lay awake in bed, you ask yourself whether or not you deserve to be given another day. You question the daylight, the birds chirping, everything. And then you look over at the source of light emerging from the left side of your room and you find yourself cracking a smile. Softly, you lift your hand and trace the sparkle in the air with your fingertips. He's so simple, so straightforward, but why does he put a smile on your face?

And then you look at your window again. As the morning ushers in a new day, it gets brighter and brighter by the second. Next thing you know, your entire room is illuminated by him. He is there, in your very room, greeting you. You say hi back in the subtlest of ways, trying your best not to scare him away because you know for a fact that he will leave you as the day goes by. But you also know that no matter how many times he says goodbye to you, he returns to you every morning with the faintest of wake up calls. You may think you hate him for waking you up, but we all know that you really just don't want to say hello to him only to have to say goodbye again.

He's never actually gone though; he's just hiding behind the moon, admiring you as you stare up at the night sky because he knows how much you love the stars.

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