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Saturday, February 7, 2009, 3:02 PM

I just found out that my friends bezakan me and my twin as ' Syaza Gemok / Syaza Putih ' and 'Syaza Kurus / Syaza Hitam'. What the hell right? So discriminating to me. -___-"

Yelah, dorang tu kan perfect sangat. Ngeh. Kepeng, putih, dah ade boyfriend semue. God, so what's the problem? I'm black, I'm fatter than you guys, I dont have a boyfriend, what's the big deal? What is the big HOOPLA? You don't have to be 'perfect' all the time you know, just because budak2 zaman sekarang suke sangat all these scandals, jadi like really skinny. So, I'm different, that I'm not as attractive as all of you, why do you care so much? My twin have big eyes and you can barely see mine coz it's so tiny, it's not my fault, if you want somebody to blame, go blame my dad, but then I don't blame him, I like my eyes okay, kalau korang tak nampak jugak, go get glasses. Ugh.

Pernah kot, ade orang kate 'Eh, if you guys are twins, kenape die lawa & kurus and awak hitam and gemok?'. My jaws just dropped to the floor. Okay, dulu I was chubbier than this. But then, i don't care if I'm fatter than you, I don't care that I have sepet eyes, I don't care that no one likes me. You don't have to have some dude that likes you just to be cool, okay? Kalau lawa je, and tak ade education, ape gune kan? At least I know that I have education. I'll meet someone, when it's the right time. Tak payah rush. -____-

Peace Out! <33 Syaza

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