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frantic friday!
Monday, April 13, 2009, 2:50 PM

Wow, dah lame tak blog. I keep blogging crappy things =.= Anywhoo, the weekend was great! On Saturday I went to Akarkarya with my sister to practice with Tieha and Bat. "MARINE" was there too xD We practiced three songs, Guilty Pleasure - Cobra Starship, Three Cheers For Five Years - Mayday Parade and Shut up and Let me Go - The Ting Tings. I gotta say, gempak dowhh kitorg because practice sekali jee *a wink wink

The next day was the show at Twintech. Semue org cuak kot! Yelah, practice sekali je, mane tak cuak! But we were OKAY i guess. First time, biase ah tuu kan? We have pictures, but Zick tak upload lagi. CEPAT ZIKRII! I want them picturessss :D

Peace Out! <33 Syaza

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