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i've fallen for you again -__-
Wednesday, April 15, 2009, 12:27 AM

If you guys are curious about my title ^^
Figure it out, a new born baby can figure THAT out =.=

Moving on to something far less interesting, let's talk about my day in SCHOOL. *shriek*
This morning I got to school fairly earlier than usual. Maybe it's because Syaza tak pegi sekolah. It makes it WAYY easier for me to get ready in the morns. Anywhoo, sampai sekolah je, I didn't even say hello to Amira. No, seriously! I just ignored her. BAPAK BEST! MWAHAHAHAHA tu lahh, serves you right for behaving like a bitch. Oh wait, you ARE a bitch!

Time recess pon I didn't say a word to her. I sat at the other end of the table while she sat at the other end. It felt good not to talk to her. I can finally have some peace of mind. I think she already knows that we're all avoiding her. I even took her off my top friends. HAHA so did Syaza. *cue evil laugh*

I think today was an OKAY day. 'Doraemon' lost her voice, so it made it impossible for her to yell at us for no apparent reason. WEEEEEE and I finished my PAFA. That's one more thing I can cross off my to-do list. Habis sekolah, me, Cammy, Abby, Myra and Saren's brother (sorry, I dont know your name! xD) went to Domino's for lunch. Best ohh, we ate, we laugh, we spilled things. HAHAHA and and and, semue org dared me to drink this thing where they mixed coke and chilli flakes. I looked at that thing and felt like puking. So, I dared Abby to do it. AND SHE DID. Now I owe her RM100 friggin bucks. -____-

But then, that evening, Abby called me and told me that she puked. BAHAHAHAHA thank god I didn't drink that 'thing'. So, that's about what happened today. FUN TIMES, FUNNN TIMES. hahaha well, till next time!

Peace Out! <33 Syaza

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