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Thursday, May 14, 2009, 6:14 PM


Actually, he already won the whole competition. In my world ;) GO ADAM! GO ADAM! MAKE SAN DIEGO PROUD! MAKE ME PROUD!

Moving on, I haven't been blogging in weeks now. That's because I had DEBATE COMP! WOOT WOOT! One whole week of 'debating'. We didn't enter class even once! Fun times, funnnn timess. Kan Aishah, kan Cammy? :D But debate is over :( We have to wait till next year. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS...

I'm entering CHORAL SPEAKING! MUAHAHAHA yes yes, I am very loyal to my English Language Society :D I am going to be the CONDUCTOR. Cool, huh? :) Cammy's gonna be my 'wingman'. Abby too. HAHA Batman and Robin! Well, make that Batman and Robins.

I'm just happy because we get to skip classes. Besttt. Especially when you don't have to enter DORAEMON's class. GO ELS!

Ohh, and I got a Blackberry Curve 8900 recently. The name is Perry the Blackberry. Bye!

Loser :]

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