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urbanscapes was...
Saturday, June 27, 2009, 10:52 PM

'urbanscapes ramai sgt orang yg bajet kaya, pakai konon2 hippie, bawak DSLR's and take pictures of their friends, it wasn't an art festival anymore, it's a fashion show now. I felt like killing myself right there' - syaza nadzirah

I went to KLue Urbanscapes just now with the Ezza's. I went there last year, and it was a blast! Unfortunately, this year's urbanscapes was very insipid. I thought it was an ART FESTIVAL but 'they' turned it into a Fashion Show. What is going on with the world? I went there, and all I saw were the same people wearing the same things:

1) Hippie-like clothes (apparently it's the in-thing now)
2) DSLR cameras hanging on their necks (to take pictures of their friends)
3) Short short short skirts/shorts (it's too hot sampai kene pakai macam tu)
4) Gladiators (it's the in thing now too)
5) Baju kotak2 (but this year, dah tk banyak dah, it's not a trend anymore, I guess)
6) Maxi dress/short dresses
7) Tights/Leggings (Everybody wore tights, everybody. The fat one, the skinny one, the short one, the tall one, yes, everybody)
8) Heels (Are you freaking kidding me? Walking for 4 hours in 4-inch stilettos? -.-)
9) Beanies (Semua org mesti ade bende kat kepale dorg, I saw this person with a rug on her head)
10) Beers (You're a muslim, act like a muslim, yo! Pastu nak mabuk2 on the dance floor -.-)

I don't understand why everybody there are so jejune. So superficial, so empty, so unoriginal, I guess we can only go skin-deep. Sekarang kan it's a trend to follow trends. Can't you see that other people are wearing the same thing you are wearing?! Aren't you annoyed? Dah lah panas, pakai lagi bende2 macam tu, beanies lah, hats lah, all I wore was a freaking t-shirt and jeans with sneakers. Ade orang sampai pakai heels lagi -____-


Loser ;]

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