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tears streaming down your face,
Saturday, July 4, 2009, 7:09 PM

          These past couple of days, I've been REALLY busy! Got Choral Speaking practice every day and every evening, it's really tiring. Especially when you're the Conductor. TRUST ME, YOU DON'T WANNA BE THE CONDUCTOR! Plus, everybody hates you, you feel tired because you have to move your arms like EVERY SINGLE TIME, and nanti takde suara. IT'S FRUSTRATING, YOU KNOW! Kalau boleh, I wouldn't want to be the conductor, it's just that teacher said I was the only one reliable. Haihhhhhhhh

          Anywhoo, the competition is on the 7th July, at SMK Putrajaya Precint 16. It's Ezza's school, so mane lah tau, terjumpe die ke HAHA :P I really miss jamming, Radiodish is supposed to have a show last Friday with Bunkface, Hujan, Estrella and Yuna, but it's cancelled. UGH. Baru je excited nak perform. I WANT TO PERFORM, OR JAM! Plus, dah lame tak jumpe FRANTIC FRIDAY! I miss you guys mann! Takpe2, after PMR we can jam again! <33

Loser ;]

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