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your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Wednesday, June 10, 2009, 12:50 AM

"You'll always be my thunder" - Boys Like Girls

          Hey all you peopleeee. Long time no blog. Hahaha so last week I went to Genting, I'm guessing you've read about that, so I'll just skip that. Straight after Genting, me, Cammy & Syaza went to watch 17 Again! Ahhhh I actually don't like Zac Efron, but he was HOT! Just in that movie, outside he just looks like a fag *evil laugh*

          The next day, SYAZA forced us to go watch Hannah Montana: The Movie -____-' At first I thought it was just another bubblegum-pop-teeny-boppy-puppy-love movie, but it was okay! Hahaha I couldn't believe that I would actually like that kind of movie, but the truth is, I did! I enjoyed it. And the person beside me was singing to The Climb -_________________-'
          Tomorrow, I'm gonna go jamming with Frantic Friday! Straight after that, we're gonna go to Gloria Jean's Coffee at Mont Kiara for this Open Mic thingyy ;P I think you would already know that we'll be playing theree, CAN'T WAIT! :]

Loser ;]

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