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Wednesday, June 3, 2009, 11:36 PM


          Currently in Genting Highlands with Kamilia and her family. We had a BLAST yesterday! When we first got out of the car, I was like 'Heck, it's not gonna be cold, don't worry,' and once we got out, 


          A blast of air just suddenly attacked us and I could've sworn that the cool air brought chills down my spine, literally. OMG I didn't remember Genting being THIS cold! Last time I came here, I only wore 2 layers of quarter-sleeved t-shirts. But this, seriously, this was freaking cold. It was really misty, but I think they were clouds since we're that high up in the sky. Haha.

          After we settled in the hotel room, they decided to go to SNOW WORLD! In the midst of buying the tickets, I looked up and saw a sign that displayed the temperature of Snow World.

TEMPERATURE: -3 Degrees Celsius
          Yes, you read that right. NEGATIVE 3. At first I thought it couldn't be that bad, unfortunately for me, that was an understatement. I went through the door and I could've sworn that I froze right in front of the door. It was 'effin cold! Colder than Genting is at night. So, slide here, slide there, throw snows, pictures here, pictures there. Then we went out and got some hot waffles and my very own personal favorite: ICEKIMO! Not just any Icekimo, MANGO ICEKIMO! Man, if I could have those everyday, well, I would! Hahaha.

          While we were walking in the 'Plaza', we crossed by this shop. It's sorta like a halloween shop. There were wigs here and there, fake hands and the best of all, FREDDY KRUEGER'S very infamous gloves! It's so cool, seriously! But, the blades were not real, duh -___-' They were plastic. I told Nadiah about it, and she wants it, bad.

          At 8.45pm, Kamilia's family wanted to watch this show called DREAMZ with a 'Z'. Hahahaha it's like a magic show/fantasy/comedy/drama etc etc etc. Once we were in there, there was this guy on stage, he was like, I don't know, a comedian-gone-wrong perhaps :P He was like trying to greet the guest in a 'funny' way. Trust me, he was UBER ANNOYING. Dah lah his shirt and pants were orange. Nothing else could be worst, right? WRONG.

          Suddenly, the music starts. All of the dancers came spinning out on the stage. They were wearing colourful styrofoam as their costumes. Even though I didn't like them dancing, they're clothes were cool. So, magic trick here, woman getting her head chopped off there, tigers appearing out of nowhere, blah blah blah. Malas ahh nak tulis panjang2, you get the picture. Oh, and I saw this white dude that looked and awful lot like ADAM T. SISKA. For those who don't know him, SISKY BUSINESS :D

          The show was aite, but overall, I only liked the lions and tigers, the dancers and singers can kiss my sass. So, got bak to the hotel room, and we didn't know what else to do. Sumpah, the room bosan gile, dah lah there are no HBO or Star Movies on TV, only VISION FOUR *I don't even know what that is haha* So, we decided to bring our laptops down to Coffee Bean to use the internet. Gune sekejap, my sister nak naik atas, ishh. So we did, and then we slept.


          Woke up at 10.00. Went to get breakfast at Marrybrown. Then off to Genting Highlands' Outdoor Theme Park! Masuk2 je nampak the swing ride thingy, so we lined up. Turns out the line's like WAYYY long, so semua malas nak beratur, off to the next ride. Pirate's Train. Bodoh punye ride. Waste of our precious time je. =.= After that, we saw the Spiderman Ride. Ape lagi, lari ahh! Haha, trust me, that ride was FREAKING AWESOME! Best gile babiiiii. It's a roller-coaster but you have to lay on your stomach. Damn, what a ride. Fun times, funnn times.

          Lunch. Ahhh, yess. FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD! MAGICAL FOOD! Hahaha after lunch, we all decided to resume our day at the arcade. Best gile. We went to the arcade yesterday but only got like 520 points. So we made a vow to continue today to get more points so that you can redeem some stuff. And we did. Our points just now was 1451. Hahaa yeahh, banyak kan? Agak ahh, I finished RM100 already, next time, no more arcades for me :P

          Went back to our hotel room, took pictures in the closet *yes, you read that right* and decided to go back to Coffee Bean to online. Right now, still at Coffee Bean online-ing while Cammy's parents go watch a movie. Ciao Ciao peoplee, I will blog more about this when I get back to KL. With pictures too!

Loser ;]

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