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Monday, July 6, 2009, 1:00 AM

Hey hey hey people! I just found out that my sister's not gonna blog on Blogspot anymore :( She's moved on to TUMBLR.COM for some reasons which I do not know. Anywhoo, these past couple of weeks, I've been getting mixed signals -___-' I don't know what to do, it's really driving me crazy! Haihh, life is soo unfair, really. Moving on, my dad said that he's gonna buy me a camera, but I don't know when. Last week, while waiting for my sister to finish her guitar class, my dad and I roamed around Alamanda. Then, we passed by a camera shop and my dad was like, "Jia, if you want a camera, you should buy Nikon, Nikon's the best camera brand. Plus, boleh tukar2 lens brand lain, if you buy Canon, you can only use Canon Lenses,"

So, I told him, "Mane ade Abah, Canon is the best also! Plus, kalau beli Canon, I can change lenses with Aki," then, he went inside the shop *a wink wink* So, he asked the salesperson dude about how much is Canon EOS 450D and which one's better, Canon or Nikon, but right in the middle of it, tibe2 the salesperson got a call and had to leave the store because his car ape tah. Haihh, baru je best -___-' After that, we went to the other side of the mall, and there's another camera shop, and my dad went inside that one. I was all grin :D

He asked about Canon EOS 450D and 500D and asked which one's better, that dude said 500D's better because you can capture video too, but I told my dad, "Kalau camera, camera je lah, tak payah video, if I want video, baik beli videocam," And he agreed :) Waittt, it gets better, trust me...

Guess what, he asked the sales person to bawak keluar the cameras so that he can take a good look at them, and trust me, once he tgk betul2, it means he intends to buy it, HOORAY HOORAY! :D Then, he took the details and the phone number of the store, and he said, "I'll come back," I know it sounds better when Arnold Shwartzenegger says it, but trust mee, I WAS THRILLED~

And yesterday, my dad called me, and showed me ape bende tah, and he said, "Camera Jia tunggu ehh, Abah nak dapat claim dulu, dapat around *DISCLOSED AMOUNT*, so boleh lah beli Camera Jia yeh?" I WAS LITERALLY JUMPING UP AND DOWN THAT TIME! :D Can't wait can't wait can't wait can't waittttttttt!

Ohh yeah, before I go, I just want to sayy...

Till later, TTFN, Ta ta for nowww :D

Loser ;]

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