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Sunday, September 6, 2009, 1:51 AM


No. Angka Giliran: VA001K088

Bahasa Melayu: B
Bahasa Inggeris / English: A
Mathematics: A
Science: B
Geography: B
Pendidikan Islam: B
Kemahiran Hidup: NOT AVAILABLE

Ohh my, 2A's?! How am I supposed to get straight A's like this? GAH! And next week I have my Pra-PMR! :O SUMPAH CUAK! PMR IS IN LESS THAN 35 DAYS!!

Moving on, just now I went shopping at Subang Parade. I saw this Kebaya which is like WOW! But tak sempat nak beli because we had to buka puasa at Swensen's *drools* Ohh and I also saw this baju kurung, it's blank and white. SUMPAH LAWA! But my mom and sister said it's too 'BLAH' -___-" that was a heartbreaker. Why can't they just let me pick out something that I like? I don't have to follow their taste now, do I?

So, we were eating at Swensen's, when suddenly, my brother, Zikri went inside the restaurant with a Toys 'R' Us plastic bag. Turns out, he bought an 8-ball. You know, the one where you shake it, and it shows an answer. Nevermind, you go google it :P And suddenly my dad cam suke gile that thing! He was hogging it! Sumpah, he looked like an 8-year-old! xD

After eating, we jalan2 around the mall and I suddenly saw this shop, and there were these 2 bags. LAWA GILA! And I went inside, it was only RM79.00! So I bought it :) After that, jalan2 again, and ter-stop infront of this Camera Shop, and I forced my dad to go in. HE WAS THISSSSS close to buying me a new lens. Ohhh well :D

Later, my dad wanted to go to Parkson and mom wanted to go to Cold Storage, so yeah. Ohh, just now, I just saved my 3 kittens from the pouring rain. It was UBER cold outside! They were meow-ing outside for help! Poor them :'(

Loser ;]

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