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To all those people,
Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 1:39 AM

I have had enough of everybody in this world. Not only do you NOT respect me as a friend, you also do not respect me as a human being. We are all different, that's kind of the thing that sets us apart from everybody else. You don't expect everybody to be like you, do you? Just because I have never told you people about who I like, or who I have feelings for, it does not give you the right to judge me. It does not give you the right to say I have bad taste, when you hardly even know what kind of taste I have. WE ARE ALL NOT THE SAME. You don't expect me to say that the guys that you like are 'hot' or good-looking when I, myself don't like them, do you?

Please, everybody, just accept the fact that I am a private person. Not a robot. There's a difference. Just because I never express my feelings to you people, just because I choose to keep my private life, well, private, it does not mean that I don't like anybody, or have feelings for anybody, because I do, but I just choose to not share with you people, because people nowadays have a tendency to be judgmental. So what if the guys that I like are not your taste? Who cares about what you people think? The most important thing is that I know who I am, and I know who I like, and I know what's right and what's wrong. Why must I follow you people? I don't wanna be like you guys. I wanna be different. You know, sometimes different is BETTER than being the same, maybe you should know that. I don't wanna be in a relationship JUST because everybody else my age is. So what if I wanna wait for the perfect someone to come by, it doesn't concern you, so back off. Stay the hell out of my life.

I tried my best to stay away from yours because I know how much of a pain in the ass it is to have someone butt into your life without you liking it, okay? Just keep your negativity to yourself, will you? I bet the world would be a better place without people butting into your personal life.

Loser ;]

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