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i'm not going nowhere tonight
Wednesday, September 16, 2009, 8:32 PM

Just like every other blogger out there, I love to write long blog posts. LOVE IT! Cause it actually gives me and other people something to read about and trust me; I LOVE READING LONG BLOG POSTS :D AND I KNOW YOU DO TOO ;)

These past few weeks have been hectic. The Pra-PMR's, the Raya preparation, Fasting and all that jazz. But strangely enough, I'm actually loving all the frenzy that's been going on. It's been giving me such an Adrenaline rush! I'm Always Hyperrrrrrrr!!!! I don't know why! I can never stop moving, so I've been told :P I have actually done my Raya shopping, but to me, it's just not enough! I haven't bought my Raya shoes, my Raya pants, my Raya Lens, my Raya EVERYTHING! I just can't seem to stop shopping. It's fun! xD So tomorrow, my family's gonna go to Damansara and shop! I was hoping to drag my dad to the Volkswagen Showroom at The Curve because he's been talking about how we should test-drive the car yadiyadiyadaa~ My sister's, my mom and I will be in The Curve SHOPPING! MUAHAHAHAH >:D

Maybe after shopping at The Curve, we'll stop by Bentley and do some studio shopping! We need more stuff to put in our music studio. We need Microphones (since our old ones are missing :P), Guitar stands (I have a feeling that one of my brother's friend stole it) and other stuff too. Ngeeeee I love going shopping with my Dad, it's like a never-ending story with him. He'll ask me "Do you really need all this stuff??" but then end up buying them anyway hehehe Ohh, I wanna go shopping at One Utama too! I need new jeans man, my old pairs are really starting to tear up. Oooh oooh oooh don't forget new shoes! I found these flats at Aldo, and they are PERFECT! Absolutely perfect! Not to mention, it matches my Baju Kurung, so that's a definite plus!

I also wanna buy new Chucks. And a new lens too. Oooohhh Dear Father & Mother, I love you guys with all my heart <3333333 I've already bought some stuff but I haven't done the FULL-RAYA shopping yet. RAYA IS NEAR! 3 MORE DAYSSS!! Here's the list of places I wanna go shop here in KL:

1) Mid Valley
2) The Curve
3) One Utama
5) Pavilion
6) Online LOL
7) Anywhere with nice things

And sooooooooo much more! So hopefully, tomorrow I'll get to go SHOPPING!! :DD

Loser ;]

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