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Wednesday, September 30, 2009, 9:44 PM

School was a drag just now. I was literally half asleep in the classroom. To make myself awake, I ate the whole box of Tic Tac's -.- In History class was my chance to doze off while Pn. Eshah blabber about something that we don't even care about. I even dreamt! Awesomee 8) Thank God Timah woke me up to go home, if not, I would be the only one in the classroom sleeping LOL At home, I couldn't help but to sleep on the couch. Slept until 5.30PM and got woken up by my twin because we were supposed to go to KL. 

That plan was ruined by my mom's friend who came to our house to Raya. Ugh, so I went back to sleep until 8.45PM. I missed the last day of tuition! NOOOOOO! We were planning to bring a videocam and my camera to document the last day of tuition. I can't believe I missed it! I blame myself for not being strong enough to stay awake. Oh, Syaza, Timah, Cammy and myself will be making a Videoblog. Weeee, we're gonna make videos and stuff. It's gonna be F-U-N! The Metal Mouths Diary. That's the name ngeeee =B I'll give you the link when we finish the blog.

Loser ;]

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