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i feel like a guitar that's never played
Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 10:20 AM

'Would someone strum away?' - Aly & AJ

I haven't gone to school in 5 days. I know, it's a bit over-the-top but who cares? There's NOTHING in school. Absolutely nothing. Why waste my time there when I can sit back, relax and enjoy at home? Haha anywho, last Saturday, my band, Frantic Friday went to audition for the Overdose Gig at AkarKarya. We were planning to meet there not earlier than 12 but not later than 2, so we went out at 11:30AM. When we got there, I called Tieha but Bat answered the phone. Here's how our conversation was:

Me: Tieha!
Bat: Oh no it's Bat.
Me: Oh hey Bat, you guys kat mane?
Bat: I kat rumah Tieha ni.
Me: Tieha mane?
Bat: Dia tengah mandi.
Me: Mandi? Haha baru sekarang nak mandi?!
Bat: Ah tu ah! Takpe, die mandi cepat haha.
Me: Oh okay, we'll wait upstairs tau.
Bat: Jangan masuk lagi! Hehe.
Me: Don't worry, we're waiting outside the door anyway haha
Bat: Okay, bye.
Me: Ciao.


So yeah, we waited at the Smoking Area cause inside was full! There were 18 bands! I didn't expect it to be this filled with people, but we waited outside. More bands started to come, some even waited at the staircase cause the inside was wayy too full. 1 hour passed and still no sign of Tieha and Bat so my sister told me to call them. I was too lazy to call so I just texted them. They said they're waiting for Tieha's mom to come and pick them up. We were like 'WHAAA, How much longer do we have to wait?' but we waited anywayy. Another hour passed and they were still not there and my sister was hungry, so we went over to Pappa Rich right across the street. I wasn't that hungry but my sister was, so she ordered Toast. Waited another 30 minutes and then they showed up with Oyi. So, we went upstairs to AkarKarya but this time there were only like 5 bands left. I was walking and suddenly this one dude tegur me. Here's how this conversation went:

Unknown dude: Hey! I know you!
Me: Huh?
Unknown dude: Yeah, I recognize you from somewhere. I think Facebook.
Me: *Thinking of somebody who looks like that guy* Oh really? Cool.
Unknown dude: Yeah, you look very familiar. Syaza right?
Me: Yeahh, err, see ya!

Turned out the dude was John Paul Pacaldo, this dude I didn't know who added me on Facebook. Small world, huh? Moving on, we paid the registration fee of RM10 and it was our turn to play. We played Use Somebody by KOL and Shut Up And Let Me Go by The Ting Tings. Naveena (The Organizer) said we were one of the best bands of the day. Ceh, that really made us proud! Stayed longer to watch the other bands audition. Heck, one of the bands even played the same song as us! But have no fear, they said our version was better xP After that, Handle With Care (The Unknown Dude's Band) asked us if we wanted to join them jam. They jammed to All Time Low songs and Gives You Hell. Unfortunately, my dad was already there when we were jamming, so we had to go home early. Too bad, though. We were having so much fun! :(

Oh well, don't worry, we'll be meeting again soon cause both of our bands are gonna be playing at the show! Awesome! =D

Loser ;]

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