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i wanna rock, ROCK!
Sunday, October 25, 2009, 3:28 PM

Yesterday was Mira's After PMR Partyyyyyyy! We had loads of fun! My sister brought along her laptop and guitar, and we played around blah blah blah. The food was great. I La-La-Loveeee the chicken and the hotdog. I don't know what they did with the hotdog, but it was deee-lish! I saw many of my old friends there like Mira, Izzy, Qilah, Azrull and a couple of new people too. After eating, they wanted to play Twister so Qilah brought out her Twister and they 'twisted' around HAHA but then Mira got this weird but oddly fun idea to take out TWO Twister mats and play with many people. So we did! It was a very very big Twister mat. I didn't play Twister, I was the spinner. Overall, it was a killer partayyyy =D

Yes, that is me as the Twister Spinner LOL

Loser ;]

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