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Thursday, November 5, 2009, 12:15 AM

I'm not really in the mood to blog. So I'm just gonna write it plain and simple.

Yesterday I went out with Kamilia and Syaza. We went to One Utama and ate Nando's. Walked around the mall to shop but there were nothing nice there. It was pretty boring. Then Cammy's mom came and picked us up and we shoot off to Pavilion. There we went to watch a movie, Michael Jackson's This Is It. Overall, it's a very powerful movie. His message was clearly sent to all of us. It's a shame that he died before he could even perform his concert in London. We've lost a great man, a legend. After the movie, Cammy's mom wanted to buy something at this Sushi restaurant, so while they were there, we decided to walk around the mall.

I gotta say, Pavilion is starting to get more and more boring by the day. We didn't have anything to do there. We just walked. But I did buy this nice shirt. I would show you, but what's the point in that, right? Anywhoo, after that Syaza wanted to buy her Turkish Ice Cream so we had to follow her to the TOP floor. Too bad her wish wasn't granted though. The shop was closed. HAHA too bad, so sad x) So, since we're on that floor, Cammy wanted to buy something at The Times. I went to the computer and searched for the books that I wanted to buy. Unfortunately, all 22 books are not available. What the 'eff right?! I mean, out of the 22 books that I searched, none of them are available? Screw you, The Times. This is why I always go to Kinokuniya.

Then it was time to go home. Cammy's parents dropped us off at Alamanda on the way back cause that's where my family was. And that's it. Boring, huh? I know. That's okay though, cause tomorrow I'm going out to KL! Whopeee~ At least I get to do my shopping at KLCC right? Plus, I have a dentist appointment, so yeah. Oh yeah, I SO CAN'T WAIT FOR THE OVERDOSE GIG THIS SATURDAY!! It's what I've been waiting for the whole week! After the gig, I will totally blog about it. Every single detail. Until then, chowders =D

Oh BTW, I changed my Blog URL. But I think you have already figured that out by now :P

Loser ;]

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