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what's up malaysiaaaaaaa - Tyson
Sunday, November 1, 2009, 1:18 AM

AAR's concert was wicked! I loved it! Even though I'm not such a big fan of them, but the concert was amazing! I loved the fact that they played more of the old songs than the new ones. I like the old albums better than the new one. The new one didn't sound like AAR. It sounded like a POP version of AAR. Anywho, I went there around 2:30PM cause my sister wanted to line up in front and go to the front row. Met up with Abby and Ashley there and we practically 'cut in line' HAHA xD So evil of us >:D After an hour or so, the people were starting to line up more. Thank God we got there earlier and Abby and Ashley were there earlier.

The weather was really really REALLY bizarrely sunny. It was HOT. REALLY FREAKING HOT! I was burning. I bet tomorrow I'd be blacker than ever LOL Moving on, about 30 minutes before the gate opens, Bat arrived with Zick and her friend Diyanna. Yes, they cut the line too HAHA xD When the gate was open, all hell broke loose. It was starting to get really crowded and humid, and the concert hasn't even started yet! While we were lining up, we suddenly got seperated - Me alone, Syaza with Abby and her friends, Cammy alone too, Diyanna alone, and Bat with Zick. When we got inside, Zick went his separate way and Bat and Diyanna reunited. My sister turned out was already at the front row with Abby and her friends! I couldn't believe that they were already there! At first, we wanted to go front row too but it was too hard to go to the front row -.-

This is the line. YES, the line. A lot of people, right?

So, it was me, Bat, Cammy and Diyanna. We at first wanted to sit in the middle where the camera post is, but we kinda broke apart later on, leaving me with Bat and Cammy with Diyanna. I felt sorry for Cammy for leaving her with somebody she barely knew, but I couldn't do anything, cause I couldn't call them. I left my phone in the car -.- So, it was just me and Bat in the middle of the concert. It was UBER fun! We even actually got into a mosh pit. I hit my braces on something -_-" After almost 1 hour of soundcheck for AAR, finally they went out! They placed some old songs and new songs. I WAS SWEATING LIKE HELL cause I jumped around like a madman xD My hair was all wet and my bag even snapped off! I guess I jumped too much HAHA x) After around 6-7 song, we wanted to get out cause it kinda got stuffy in there. I was kinda sad cause I didn't hear them play my favourite song from them - The Last Song. We went out and bought drinks and sat at the back. While we were sitting, suddenly I heard the intro of The Last Song. I was dancing while I was sitting! It was funny HAHA xD Then my dad arrived and I had to go home. IT WAS AN UBER FUN TIME! Even though I'm not much of a fan of AAR, this was one of the best concerts I've ever been to! Well, so far anywayy haha.

Loser ;]

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