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Tuesday, December 29, 2009, 12:49 AM

It's my birthday today! It's the end of 2009 and I just turned 15. Loser haha since I didn't do a party, we just went for dinner at TGI Fridays at The Gardens. My sister and mom told the waitress that today was my birthday, and I literally had to beg them to NOT sing Happy Birthday! The last time they did that, I had to stand on the chair and give a speech -_- But they sang anyways. Thank God this year it wasn't as LOUD as last year's :P Oh, and they gave me a birthday cake.

The people who sang to us were really nice too! They knew I didn't want to be sung to, yet they did anyway. And instead of standing on the chair and giving a speech, I just had to tell them the Rukun Negara. WTH right? Haha xD

After dinner, we walked around The Gardens, and stopped by at Sole What cause my sister wanted to buy these REALLLYYYYYYY NICE pair of shoes. My dad gave her the green light, but unfortunately for her, her size wasn't available. Haha she was a size 7 but all they had were sizes 8 and above. So, we walked to Mid Valley. I wanted to go to the camera shop, but on the way, we stopped at this gaming store, where my dad actually asked the worker about PS3 and Rock Band! He said he'll buy it if we take care of it and share. LOL but he won't make up his mind until the end of the week. I hope he says yes! *fingers crossed*

Walked to the camera shop, almost got my dad to buy the lens that I wanted, but he didn't have the time to try it out, as he wanted to hurry home and finish his work. So, we skipped the camera shop and went to MPH cause Nadiah wanted to buy an organizer. While I was there, I decided to walk around and check out some books. I even found a book called JESUS' SON. The synopsis was so merepek! Anywhoo, found 3 books that really caught my eye. But I only bought 2 cause I want to finish reading them first. I'll come back for you, oh mighty 3rd book! Moving on, it was closing time already, so we walked back to The Gardens' parking lot, and while on the escalator, guess what happened? My shoelaces got stuck! I had to pull really hard just to get my shoelaces out. Look what happened to it -_-

Note to self - Always check if your shoelaces are tied when going up or down an escalator.

Loser ;]

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