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Saturday, December 26, 2009, 5:13 AM

You know, reading Bat's blog really got me thinking - I'm not the only one with issues. Heck, it's a way of life. The least I can do is suck it up and live in the moment. Life is too short to be moping around about the sad things in life. I know it's hard, but I really gonna learn to leave it behind -_-

I got my PMR results on Thursday. I have to say, I'm rather not satisfied with my results. Yeah, I am bersyukur but it bugs me to think that I could've done better if I have set my mind to it. Seeing those people getting straight A's is actually killing me inside, but hey, at least I didn't fail anything, right? You know what, scratch that, I am glad with my results. The subjects I was aiming to get A in was English and Maths, and I got 'em, plus Pendidikan Islam and ERT, so that equals to 4A's. I got B for everything else, and...... A FCKING D ON MY SEJARAH. Yeah yeah, you can laugh all you want =.=

It's 5:18AM on a Saturday, which officially means that my birthday is in 2 days. TWO FREAKING DAYS! :D I can't wait to get presents from my parents. I'm really crossing my fingers for a new lens for my camera. Poor Canonball, he's been stuck with the 18-55mm for way too long. It's time for a change, don't you think so?

Loser ;]

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