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Saturday, January 2, 2010, 12:12 AM

Happy New Year guys! I hope you guys had fun celebrating the big 20-10 :D Anyway, just now I went to Mid Valley / The Gardens to buy a bag for school. Went to Kipling and I saw this purple backpack. It's so cute! But then my sister wanted that one, so I had to beralah and get another one -__- I chose this other backpack, I think it's the same with the purple one except mine's red. Buttttt, we're gonna, well, how do you say it, share? Not really share, just regularly switch our bags. Then Nadiah wanted to buy jeans so we walked back to The Gardens. On the way there, I passed Roxy and immediately saw this reaaaaaaaaaaally nice bag :D

Went inside, and I begged my dad to buy it for me. At first he was like, 'You already have a lot of bags, why do you need another?' but then he caved. Hoho I love you Dad =) Went to GAP and bought Nadiah's jeans, then went for dinner at Chinoz. The food there was awesome. The bill was too xD Then, got home, and here I am, posting this blog. Well, bye! 

Loser ;]

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