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Monday, May 24, 2010, 12:33 AM

Please note that I only do this interesting facts thingy when I'm reaaaaaaally bored. So yeah, here are 40 more interesting facts about me :D

1) I am in LOVE with popcorn. You offer me popcorn, I give you love.
2) I can't stand long fingernails.
3) My passions are music, culinary arts and photography.
4) I honestly think that I'm the ugliest out of my group of friends, and I think other people would agree too.
5) Watching movies have become one of my favourite things to do.
6) Guys who speak fluent English are sexaaayyyyyy ;)
7) I read OMG Facts every day.
8) Going on Yahoo! and looking at their daily news update has become something I do on a daily basis.
9) I name all of my electronics/gadgets.
10) I tend to crack my knuckles all the time.
11) I love writing songs and poems.
12) Converse is my most favourite shoe brand EVER.
13) I sometimes get this feeling that everybody around me hates me.
14) It kills me to hear people speak broken english.
15) I hate trends. I feel like the world is better off without it.
16) I've always wanted someone to serenade me.
17) If a guy gives me a rose or a sunflower (my favourite flowers), I'd secretly die inside.
18) I've never been on a date.
19) Speaking of dates, I've never been in a relationship either.
20) Digital Photography Magazine is the best magazine ever created.
21) Photoshop is my best friend.
22) If you're fat, don't wear tight clothes, please.
23) Personally, I like people who are not afraid to look stupid.
24) FRIENDS is my all-time favourite TV show.
25) Both my ears are not pierced yet.
26) I wear mostly black, grey and dark colours.
27) My camera's name is CANNONBALL.
28) I named my phone Perry.
29) I secretly despise those people who wear band tees but don't really listen to them.
31) I'm proud to say that I DON'T FACEBOOK STALK.
32) I am guilty of excessive use of smileys x)
33) I've met The Cheetah Girls once..... And Rob Kardashian too.
34) I love love love the smell of new money $$
35) I have a fixed bike. Well, it's not done yet.
36) I will only wake up if the minutes are of even numbers.
37) I can drive a car pretty well despite the fact that I'm 16 and not old enough to legally drive.
38) Justin Bieber does not attract me in any possible way.
39) Maths is one of my best and most favourite subjects.
40) I'm super duper in love with my new watch. Deal with it, suckas~

Yours truly,
Syaza =)

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