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blood red shoes
Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 1:24 AM

I went to Singapore 3 days ago, and let me tell you something; IT IS SHOPPING HEAVEN! The amount of malls they have on Orchard Road alone leaves me speechless. I honestly went gaga over the shoes *melts*
Oh, I bought a lot of thingsssss, even Myra's birthday present! I wanted to buy Timah's birthday present too, but I couldn't find anything for her :( Don't worry Timah, I'll buy you something, I promise <3

Anyway, we walked all the way. The car was completely useless for us, as everything was in walking distance. The first day we were there, we immediately checked in the hotel and freshened up. After that, we went SHOPPING! I would blog about us going shopping, but that might take a while x)

So I'll just skip to the second day, which was the day I went to Universal Studios Singapore! That place was awesome! Also a shopping heaven, I might add :P We roam around inside for about 4 hours before heading back to the hotel. After Universal Studios, we went shopping again, and this time, for me ;) I bought 3 and a half pair of shoes. The half part is because my dad thinks we've bought too many pairs of shoes, so the last pair of shoes we bought, I had to share with my sister. But who cares! We share stuff anyways hehehehehehe :3

Oh yeah, may I add that HMV is TSHIRT HEAVEN?! IT IS! Band tees everywhere! It was hanging all the wayy mann. I was shocked. But the fckd up part is that my sister put half of the stuff I took back on the rack. Why, you ask? She thought she took doubles of everything, so she put MY items back. So stupid, right? -____- No worries, she's gonna have to let me wear hers instead HOHOHO >:D


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