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Day 12
Thursday, July 15, 2010, 12:45 AM

The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain

You know, most people would actually write a person's name here, but the real thing is, no one has caused me pain. I don't really hate anybody in this world. I blame it all on emotions. They've caused me a lot of pain. I personally think that without them, my life would be better off.

But, rationally speaking, without emotions, I shouldn't even be living, right? Might as well just give up on life if I give up on my emotions. They're the only thing that's keeping me apart from being a robot. They make me human. Now, pain is relatively an emotion right? I gotta say, without pain, I wouldn't be appreciating life as I am right now. Without pain, I wouldn't know the difference between something that makes me happy or something that makes me sad. Sadness brings me pain, mentally. So, if I'm sad, it means I'm in pain. If I'm grieving, it means I'm in pain. Anything that's negative brings me pain, whether it's physically or mentally.

I used to be the kind of person who gives up whenever I lose, or just let go whenever something bad or hard comes up. But I'm not that person anymore. I got my wake up call. Seriously, the only thing I needed to wake up was a tight slap on the face. And I got that.

So yes, the person that has caused me a lot of pain is none other than my emotions. I guess it is true what they say - Emotion is overrated.

But then, as much as I hate being in pain, it reminds me that I am still human.


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