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Day 6
Tuesday, July 6, 2010, 5:50 PM

A stranger

Today, I met a stranger. He was no one but a cashier who worked at KFC. Kept smiling at everybody who lined up. When it came to my turn to order, he placed a huge grin on his face and said Hello. I ordered my food and he was still smiling while placing my orders into the computer. After I left, he was still smiling.

Moral of the story is, even if your life sucks, it doesn't give you the right to just give up. Keep smiling and move on. I'm saying this because apparently, one smile can lighten up a person's day, even if the smile came from a complete stranger. I don't know, the story above seems a bit, blah? Who cares, that's not what I'm trying to tell you. All I'm saying is that a smile actually can change a person's day.

So from now on, whenever I walk outside my door, I will start my day with a smile. Even if I look like an idiot with an ear-to-ear grin, I will still keep smiling, cause you know why? Because I want to make someone else's day happy. From now on, every time I bumped into a friend or somebody I know, I will give them a big hug because a hug can make me feel better, and I want everybody else to feel better too. I want to be able to make such an impact to a stranger's life that it leaves them wondering how it happened.

I'll tell you how it happened; it all started with a simple smile :)


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