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be the bigger man
Tuesday, August 3, 2010, 12:09 AM

Everyone gets angry and wants to fire back at someone. Everyone gets hurt, or has someone that talks about them. Everyone will lose someone they once thought was a friend.

What do we do when it happens to us? We let it go and be the bigger person. By reacting to someone that is trying to hurt you or talk about you, all we do is become that person. And believe me, that is the last thing you want. Think about how that person has no confidence in themself. Think about how that person wishes to see you suffer. Think about that person who is trying to make themself look better by talking about you. These people are bullies. Today they are known as “Haters”.

What is a “Hater?” A hater is someone who is jealous of you. A “Hater” is someone who can’t stand to hear about your success. They spend countless hours trying to devise plans for your demise. These people are the opposite as leaders. Stay away from them, it is only a matter of time until they will ruin themselves. There is no need to waste your time with someone like this.

Going back to martial arts in life, use your greatest self control to keep yourself in check. If you react to their negativity, you are not being “the bigger person.” Haters often try their hardest to get a reaction out of you. Keep your cool, and don’t give them the satisfaction. As you have heard, “Silence is golden.” Haters have a hard time being rejected, it makes them look in the mirror and see themselves clearly. They will come to realize that no one really enjoys being around them. The only people that surround them are in fear of them.

If there are people out there who you know in your heart is “hating on you” be the bigger person and just let them keep talking. When others hear them, you won’t have to say anything. Because they've said enough. Let them do the talking for you!

Why do they talk about you?

1. When some talks about you - It really is just them saying how unhappy they are about themselves.

2. When someone makes fun of you - It shows their insecurity about themselves.

3. When someone put you down - It's to make them feel better

4. When someone is spending their energy to hurt you - Take it a compliment, because they are really just jealous and want to be you. They just won’t say it.

The only thing we need to do is:-

1. Don’t Fire back, and stoop to their level.

2. Use self control and concentrate your energy on moving forward.

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