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first breath after coma
Tuesday, December 7, 2010, 4:45 AM

"Do you wanna talk about it?"

"No, I don't wanna fucking talk about about, okay! What the hell are you doing here, anyway? I didn't ask for any god damn help."

"You look like you could use it. You can tell me, I won't judge. I promise,"

"Yeah, right. They all say that, and then what happen? They leave. So, I suggest you just save yourself the trouble and go, just *sigh* go,"

"No, I will not take a step back until you tell me what's wrong. God damnit, just tell me,"

"Fine, you wanna know? I'll tell you what's wrong. It's the world. That's what's wrong. The whole entire world. They don't care. When have they ever? It was only me all along. I was the only one who actually cared and look where that's gotten me. Every single time, every god damn time. Oh god, I'm so stupid. Why do I always fall for it? I'm so gullible. I give them help, show them I care, and when they recover from it, they just leave. I'm just the fucking useless doormat. After they step all over me, they move on through the door and into the house. They don't remember me. They never do."

Suddenly, under his breath, he whispered,

"But I remember you,"

"WILL YOU JUST STOP IT?! Stop being so nice to me, I can see right through you. You never cared too, you had all those other girls around you, you never had time for me. I'm just someone you know, whom you barely even talk to. Just stop being so pretentious and just fucking leave, okay? I don't need your fucking sympathy,"

Those words struck him hard. Without even blinking, he walked in front of her, grabbed her by the arms and tried to shake some sense into her.

"Have you completely lost your mind?! All this while, you don't see it, do you? I cared. I was there, I just never showed myself, because I was such a coward, and that was my fault. I should've just showed you the side of me that wanted your attention. I craved for your attention. You were just too caught up on the fact that you didn't have anybody else when I was there all along."

As those words echoed through the midnight air, she froze. She just stood there like a statue. Seconds flew by and he could see the corner of her lips starting to curl upwards, slowly forming a smile. The smile that he has been longing to see, and without a moment of hesitation, he kissed her.

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