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Friday, December 10, 2010, 4:07 AM

You know what I'm craving for right now? Waffles.

Well, that was a weird way to start this off with, but what the hell. I want waffles and I shall tell the whole world about it! So yeah, recently I've been getting long-ass questions on my Formspring, mostly asking me for advices, which I am more than happy to help out with, just so you know. I actually love it when people use my Formspring to ask me for advices or help rather than sending me anonymous hate statements, which by the way, does not make you a better person. So, to those with problems, or you just wanna talk, or let your heart out, just ask me a question on my Formspring and I'll be more than delighted to answer them. Just so you know, I answer every single one of my questions truthfully, so go ahead. Ask away :)

P/S: You can either use the form that's already here on my blog OR you can just click on this link - click!

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