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Friday, January 28, 2011, 7:06 PM

Things that make you feel like kicking life in the ass.

1) Getting the wrong order at a fast food restaurant.
2) When your hair looks good just when you're about to go to sleep.
3) Uploading a video on Youtube and it gets an error at 99%.
4) When you get food stains on your white shirt.
5) Mean Girls 2.
6) Other people stealing your joke and claiming that they came up with it.
7) The most anticipated movie of the year turned out to be a major flop.
8) Facebook for Blackberry.
9) Streaming a movie online and it stops in the middle.
10) Playing QWOP.
11) Tripping over your own foot.
12) Falling off of things.
13) Out of Service slurpee machines.
14) Waking up in the morning, thinking you're late for school and realizing that it's a Saturday.
15) Your shoelaces get untied when you're walking.
16) Getting your shoelaces stuck in an escalator because it was untied.
17) Not knowing what to eat even though your fridge is fully stocked.
18) Accidently stepping on chewing gum.
19) Jersey Shore.
20) Rejected high-fives/knuckle-touches.
21) Getting tagged in useless photos on Facebook.
22) When your favourite TV show goes on a long hiatus.
23) Losing your stationaries.
24) Bad grammar.
25) Hearing your voice in recordings and you sound really bad.
26) Rude people.
27) Misplacing your things.
28) When the holidays end.
29) Songs that automatically play on blogs and you can't seem to find the media player.
30) Overplayed commercials.
31) Your pen running out of ink in the midst of writing a long essay.
32) Getting ditched.
33) Getting stuck in a massive traffic jam and you really need to pee.
34) Awkward silence.
35) When your laptop/camera/phone's battery is low and the charger's way over there.
36) The guilt trip you're left with when you think about all the other sperms that didn't make it.
37) When people don't laugh at your jokes, and you ended up laughing alone like an idiot.
38) Bringing food to school and suddenly everybody's your best friend.
39) Not being old enough to go to a concert with an age limit.
40) Getting a bad grade on a test that you studied your ass off for.
41) Handwritings that you cannot understand or interpret.
42) When people don't remember your name.
43) Coming up with a genius URL or username and it's already taken.
44) When your favourite piece of clothing is nowhere to be found.
45) Seeing animals getting abused by lowlife scums with your own two eyes.
46) When people call your celebrity crush 'ugly'.
47) When you wake up and then just sit there trying to remember the dream you just had... and you can't remember it.
48) Having no money.
49) Falling into a ditch (it happens).
50) Spam mail.
51) When your cat brutally ambushes you.
52) Falling asleep in class only to wake up with your teacher towering over you like she's gonna swallow you whole.
53) Visible sweat stains.
54) Even worse than visible sweat stains - visible panty lines.
55) Unsent text messages.
56) Tiger Beat magazine.
57) Akademi Fantasia.
58) When Twitter is over capacity.
59) People stereotyping Muslims as terrorists/extremists.
60) A gazillion missed calls from your parents.
61) Dying in video games.
62) Additional Mathematics.
63) When you're playing the guitar and the strings snap.
64) Your phone gets confiscated by teachers in school.
65) Smiling at people and they don't smile back.
66) When somebody waves at you, and you think they're waving at you so you wave back, only to find out that he/she was waving at the person behind you.
67) People with no sense of humour.
68) The awkward moment when a vulgar scene comes on the screen while you're watching a movie with your parents.
69) Seeing the number 69 and knowing you can't laugh about it in public.
70) When you say you're asian, and the person says you don't look chinese at all.

"Whutchu talkin' about, Willis?"

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