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february 5, 2012
Monday, February 6, 2012, 12:27 AM

"Get up,"

That was all I could think of when I saw him lying askew on the ground, lifeless. His eyes were open and his mouth was ajar. I could feel my eyes turning into two pools of water, slowly overflowing down my cheeks. I sat beside him and was overcome with emotions I haven't felt in so long. It was too overwhelming for me.

He was my best friend. He was always there for me. Though he left so soon, I'm happy to know that my last memory with him was something I could always remember. It's like he knew he was going, and that kiss on the cheek was his way of saying goodbye. I know most of you will not have a clue as to what I'm saying, but it's probably for the best. You wouldn't understand anyway.

I will always remember those perfect blue eyes, Gideon. Always.

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