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for you, durian hijau
Monday, June 24, 2013, 12:11 AM

Agustinus Kresnobudi Nindito,
a name longer than the hours I tidur,
likes to link me cheesy Indo songs,
then forces me to listen to it all night long.

With Xavier hidden somewhere in his long ass name,
sounds pretty cool but too bad he's still lame,
forcing me to write and post a poem about him,
so I'll include in here legos, cigarettes and the gym.

When I went to his house for the first time ever,
he showed me his Lego helicopter with no shame whatsoever,
it was yellow and green and red and blue,
now when I think of LegoFagget I think of you.

Trying to quit smoking by giving me the power,
letting me hold his cigarette pack to reward him every few hours,
but I should keep a closer eye in case he cheats,
cause I'm pretty sure it's his fault the haze is taking over the streets.

Every day he'd ask to teman him workout,
but I'm pretty sure he spends most of his time on Skout,
see Kres, if you spend less time cyber sex-ing,
we could all go out so I can kick your ass again in bowling.

So there you go, a poem just for you,
and I can only think of one way to bid you adieu,
you fagget,

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