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exams are everywhere`
Tuesday, May 19, 2009, 10:04 PM

EXAM. The 4-letter word that always gives chills down my spine. 
Unfortunately, this week and next week, I have them. -___-'
Yesterday was my BM exams. Trust me, the 2nd Paper was pure torture because we had to write an essay according to this picture. BUT, the problem is, the picture is PLAIN BLACK. How the hell are we supposed to write an essay according to a picture if we can't even see it?! Idiots.

Just now, I had English paper and Pendidikan Islam paper. It was easy pizzy lemon squezy. Seriously! Well, I did get some help from Timah, Adira and Izzati. Haha what can I say, we're very good friends? Hahahaha so, I finished my Pendidikan Islam 1 hour before the time finish. So i thought "hey, why don't I write back lawa2?" And so I did. 

I was already at question number 4. Tibe2, cikgu cakap, "20 Minit lagi! Cepat2," Time dengar tu, I was like HOLY SHIT! BABI BABI BABI BABI! Dah lah my kertas yg ade jawapan Nombor 5 ade kat Adira! Pastu, I was writing sampai question number 4. Time question number 5, I asked Adira for my kertas balik because die nak pinjam jap, die kate ade kat Izzati. So, I asked Izzati, but die kate takde kat die. Dah lah that's my answer. I don't even remember them! So I had to create brand new answers. I don't even know if they are correct! Ugh. -____-'

Loser :]

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