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Monday, June 1, 2009, 11:36 PM

We came here to make you DANCE! - Cobra Starship

Yesterday, I went jamming with Tieha, Bat, Syaza and Zick. It was uber fun! The only downside is that I didn't remember some of the chords :( Ohh well, life goes on. After we finished jamming, we dropped by WONDERMILK! I've been dreaming of going there since forever! I heard the cupcakes were awesome, so yeahh. After makan cuppacakes, we went to BENTLEY to watch Deja Voodoo Spells perform but we came time BUNKFACE perform, so tgk je lahh. We didn't get the chance to watch DVS. Too bad. Pastu, battle dgn Zick lagu Clocks by Coldplay. Haha menyebok je, I was playing it on piano, and I heard the same song played on piano by someone else. Rupenye Zick. So, both of us main je. 

Afterwards, we dropped by IKEA nak makan hotdog. Yummm sedap nyee, but too bad tak dapat because the line panjang. Tieha nak pegi makan Bread Story, so we just followed her. Lepas die beli roti, we sat at Starbucks, online lah kejap kan haha. Then, somebody nak pegi McD, so pegi. Haha the best part is, Zick brought along his camera (Nikon D60 weyy haha) with him, so you guys know what happens next. PICTURES! And lots of em! :P

Loser ;]

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