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Friday, August 13, 2010, 12:38 AM

Just 3 hours ago, I posted on my Facebook that I want to be able to witness a meteor shower or an aurora before I die. Then, 2 hours later, I got the news that the whole world would be able to witness the Perseids meteor shower later tonight. Oh, how I was ecstatic. I mean, it's like God just answered my prayers then and there. Everybody's saying how it's not going to happen, that we cannot see it, and why bother trying. I'm not gonna give up. I need to see it.

You wanna know why I'm so eager to see the meteor shower? Because for once in my life, I want to be able to witness a miracle. I want to feel that feeling you get when something extraordinary happens. I want to experience the moment. This is pretty much a once in a lifetime chance, so I will not let it slid through my fingers so easily. So, don't come to me and tell me to give up. This is my only chance and I'm not gonna miss it.

Although, it would be nice if I had someone else to share it with. I'm pretty sure everybody else is gonna go back to sleep and give up before the clouds can even clear up. That's alright though :)


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