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Thursday, November 11, 2010, 5:07 AM

You know what? It's funny how every time I meet people who happen to have read my blog, they'll go all "Why are you so emotional all the time?" or "Why are all your posts so deep?". Well, it's because the things I write here are the things that I've never gotten a chance to say out loud or talk to anyone about. Sue me, okay. I don't have any best friends to share all these with. Actually, now that I've mentioned it, my blog is pretty much like my very own best friend. I write everything here. Anything that happened to cross my mind or something that I just felt like saying, but never had the courage to say in real life. Anything that you've never heard me say, they're all written here. So yeah, I am emotional here.

But I make up for it by being awesome in real life. True story (Y)

Oh yeah, to those who just can't stand it, get the fuck off my blog.

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